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1.Do you charge any additional monthly fee other than tuition?

No. However, the tuition might be increase due to living cost the next calendar year.


2.Do you charge for a full tuition if my child takes the summer off?

Yes, Little Ivy Preschool is open all year. If your child will be absent for a month or longer, the full monthly tuition is still required.


3.Does my child need to be toilet trained before starting school?

No, he or she does not. We will work together with you and your child to get your child diaper free!

4.Do you require parents to volunteer?

We do not require a parent to volunteer on a regular scheduled basis but we believe in the importance of parent’s involvement in the child’s life at school.


5.What is your nap/rest policy?

 According to California Licensing requirements full day preschools must schedule a daily rest-time. Some children need to sleep longer and some children do not nap at all. We accommodate both needs. The child who does not nap is asked to remain on his/her mat until wake-up time and allowed to read a book when the rest of the children are asleep.

6.Do you provide snacks and lunch?

Children bring their own lunch and snacks.  Please keep lunch healthy and natural. Good nutrition is part of our curriculum and important for the success of a child’s day. Please let us know if your child has any allergies or special dietary needs.


7.What is your policy about celebrating birthdays at school?

We enjoy celebrating your child’s birthday. You are welcome to bring a treat to share with your child’s group. Your child’s teacher is available to coordinate the details with you.

8.What is your policy in a case of sickness?

If your child should become ill while at school, you will be notified immediately. Please keep your child at home for at least 48 hours after the onset of cold symptoms and 24hours after the end of a fever.

9.How do you help a child to transition the first days of school?

The time a child takes to settle into the group and become accustomed to being left by parents varies enormously. We are here to help you and your child to make the transition as painless as possible therefore we suggest that you speak with us about your child’s needs in order to find the best way to handle the emotions and distress of the first days of school.

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